Friday, May 21, 2010

Make Ur Own Way ...

So, I came across this deck of tarot cards I wanted really bad; the cards are called THE SIMPLE TAROT DECK.

I found the cards on a tarot website and they are really great looking tarot cards and correctly named too. The art is very simple with bare bones basics decor on black backgrounds to illustrate each card. The people cards don't even have faces, so you have to use your intuition and imagination to do readings with them.

Anyway, through the website I found the cards on I tried to buy the tarot deck, only to find out that they are out-of-print. :-(

Well, after that disappointment, what was I gonna do? I guess no tarot cards for me, huh? But, after a little further digging into the website I found the cards on, I found a link to the author & creator of THE SIMPLE TAROT DECK. Bingo! Right? Wrong!

I got a hold of the author of the deck and expressed how much I love the cards and that I couldn't wait to buy a copy or 2 for myself. He said that he was very pleased to hear how much I liked his work. I told him that I tried quite a few avenues to buy his tarot deck before getting a hold of him. He was surprised, considering the site I originally found them on wasn't selling any, neither was Amazon and looking on eBay wasn't any better.

He said that he originally produced the cards himself and only had 2oo made because it wasn't cost effective if he wanted to sell them at a reasonable price to the public; so he stopped making them. I told him that I was disappointed. I really wanted that deck of cards BAD!

Then, "Taahh Daahh;" he sent me a link to a site that contained the art for all 78 cards in full and the art for the card backing AND a letter giving me FULL PERMISSION to use the art to create my very own SIMPLE TAROT DECK if I could find a cost effective way to do so.

I mean, was this a dream come true or what!? Not really. Why? Because I went to every copy shop I could think of with the CD of art I had and they all told me it would be expensive to have a 78 card deck printed both front and back. Damn it!

Then it came. The miracle I needed to make having THE SIMPLE TAROT DECK for myself come true. A friend of mine, who is also a tarot enthusiast; gave another friend of ours an out-of-print tarot deck that she had been looking for. I asked her where she found it, thinking maybe that store would carry a copy of the tarot cards I wanted. She said that she made them. Made them? I asked her how she did it. She told me that it was very easy but time consuming. I told her about everything that had happened; finding the deck, finding out they aren't available, finding the author, getting permission and copy store disappointment.

So, to end this story on the best note ever; my friend told me step by step how she made the deck of cards for our other friend. And I followed her instructions to the letter and I produced the most beautiful deck of cards ever and one of my most absolute favorites. The picture above is the result of my labor.

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