Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All Hail The Queen ...

A few weeks back I was online and saw that LIL' KIM was coming to my area. I was excited and pissed off all at the same time when I found out this wonderful news. Why? Because it was less than a week before the concert and how was I gonna get tickets to be able to go. I was really bummed. I mean this is The Queen Bee! Damn I was freaking out! She is coming here and I found out way too late to be able to make it to what would the best time in my life ever. What the fuck?!!!

So, I did what I always do and called my friend Glory to rave and complain about the fact that the Best Raptress EVER was coming to town but the fact that I found out too late to go. She was totally supportive because she knows how much I love Kim and gave a lot of the same suggestions to be me about what I should do about the whole thing that I would have given to her if Glory was in my shoes. But as we talked about it we couldn't come up a solution that was feasible or even real. So, the only thing she could do for me was listen to me cry about the whole thing and try to make me feel better about the fact that I couldn't go to the show.

Anyway, well a few days go by and Glory calls and leave a message on my voicemail that makes me almost pee my pants. What could it have been you're thinking? Well, Glory called to tell me that she scored 2 tickets to the LIL' KIM show!!! Of course I didn't believe her because I just knew that she was fucking with me again because she knows how much I love Kim. But then she sent me a picture mail of the tickets and then I knew she meant what she was saying and it did take a little time for the news she just shared with me to sink in.

Well, if you knew me you'd know I wouldn't have to tell you how much fun I had at the show. I mean do you understand what I am telling you? I went to the LIL' KIM concert! And it was amazing! She danced, chatted, cracked jokes, talked about her home life and rose the roof by rapping her ass off! ~ How Many Licks? ~ Lady Marmalade ~ I Got A Crush On You ~ Lighters Up ~ and Kim also paid huge tribute to The Notorious B I G through out the whole night. And it was true magic for me. I mean all I could do was cheese out the entire night.

And to top off the whole thing Kim brought people up onto the stage for her last song to help her rock the house and to help her close out the night. It was so cool to see because she was really interacting with her fans in full force. My friend Glory asked me why I didn't raise my hand to be invited up onto the stage with LIL' KIM but truth be told I chickened out. I mean how could I share a stage with The Queen Bee and be able to do her justice.
So, Thanks to my girl Glory, I had the best night ever and got to see my girl LIL' KIM in person!!! It was a dream come true!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Girl ...

I'm going to see my girl! I can't wait! I'm freakin out cuz I never thought it would happen and now it's here!!! I'm gonna let you know all about it on Monday!!!

I used to be scared of the ....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Red Hot People, Red Hot Party, Red Hot Time ...

So I got invited to a party on Saturday June 5th, 2010 and I do have to say that it was a lot of fun. It was called "THE RED PARTY 2010." Everyone was supposed to wear RED or some variation of it for party admission.

The Hosts had a house full of people in a sea of Red. It was so cool that the people who came ot the party really got into the theme as much as they did.

There weren't any decorations considering the party had a there but the Red wear was fun to look at. Some people really went all out (<--- check out this guy) and some came in casual wear "red t-shirt n jeans," some people even showed up very dressy. (see pic --->)

Another rave for me was the food! Man, oh man, did they have the spread available to eat. I didn't get a chance to ask who did the catering but I saw two 6 foot subs, a BBQ wings plater, a chicken tenders plater, a veggie plater, a snack (cubed meats & cheeses) plater, dips & crackers, the best water chestnuts wrapped in bacon (i know), and all kinds of deserts. Damn the food was good and got ripped apart in a snap but there was plenty for everyone to eat.

Another thing to report is the bar service. The hosts had a bar set up in the garage because it was raining so they couldn't have the bar or dance floor in the courtyard in the back of their house like they planned. They had the bartender make punch bowls full of vodka cranberries, there was also 2 kinds of beer, cans of iced tea, 7up soda and cranberry juice. The vodka cranberries made me very thirsty. Yum!

And I don't know who was in charge of the playlist but the music was great! There was a mix of dance, techno, disco, rap, 80's, and funk. There were plenty of songs to dance your ass off to so I did just that!

All in all it was a great party and I can't wait until next year: "THE RED PARTY 2011!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Forgive Me ...

Dear Everyone,

I know that I have been away for a while and I don't have an excuse for my behavior; I can only ask for your forgiveness.

The beginning of this month has been a complete whirlwind for me. The 1st of this month was my birthday, on the 4th I worked at a senior lock-in grad party out in Hartland, WI, and then on the 5th I hosted the first annual "The Red Party" 2010 ~ it was a huge success! I'll post pics soon.

Thanks for all of your support everyone,
Happy Blessings,

PS: it's going to be a wonderful Summer ...

Friday, June 4, 2010

I have it ... !!!

OMG, Its here, its,here!!! I have my new EVO phone and I must say that it is amazing!!!

I just wish that had more time right now to explore all its goodness, but I have all the time oin the world. :-)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tomorrow ...

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow ... You're only a day away ...

The EVO comes out tomorrow and Best Buy just called to let me know that my appointment time for pick up is at 11am. I am so excited to get this phone.

Now, I know the Instinct that I had for the last 2 years isn't anything like the EVO's gonna be but I take care of my phones and I'm gonna love this one just as much if not more. But with so many features that its supposed to have, it'll take me that long to explore it all ~ and it'll be so fun too.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh Happy Day ...

Well, today is my Birthday! My birth certificate says I'm 40 but My Heart & Soul tell me that I'm 27 ... I believe my heart & soul have it down right ...

What do I have planned today? Well, painting the fence in the backyard, pricing ALcohol, and getting the house ready for the big RED & WILD BALL this Saturday ... I can't wait!!!

I'll post some pics of the event and let you know how it went!