Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wicked Web ...

I am trying to find a good source for building a web site for my Tarot business and thought that a high profile company would be a good bet but guess again!

So I went through the purchase process and then when I finally got to the part where I could start to build my site, it all became very confusing.

I couldn't see or tell where I was supposed to start. There were a lot of buttons to click on and links to hit but nothing told me how to get started building what I signed up for.

Well, after an hour of trying to figure it out I called the company, cancelled my account and got a refund. I did tell them that the layout they had for learning how things worked didn't work for me. Now, I'm not a web site moron but it truly was difficult.

So now I am back on the search. Do you have any ideas?

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